We know what you're thinking. These dessert pots have made more than enough fairy light holders for the corridor and bathrooms. The remaining ones are taking up space in the kitchen cupboard, and they’re jankily stacked and unloved. 😞 The only thing stopping them heading for the recycling bin is the fact that they’re not broken, useless as they are.

Now, imagine if you could turn them into something useful. Something that makes them stack properly in the cupboard at least! 🎉 Imagine if you could make your Gü pots into useful containers. That way, you could use them for seasoning, transporting baby food, taking snacks to the park, taking chillies to the neighbours BBQ - the possibilities are endless!

Our dessert pot lids are perfectly measured to fit Gü desserts, and the Lidl/ Aldi alternatives. Read our About Us page to find out how we came up with the idea 😬

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